Purpose Escapes

by Kashyyyk

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released March 13, 2014

All songs written and performed by Kashyyyk.
Kashyyyk is: Jake Bartelds - Rich Melling - Max Weidle - Ryan "Jewby/Doobie" Gittelman



all rights reserved


Kashyyyk Mesa, Arizona

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Track Name: The All Seeing; Gouge Their Eyes
We crawl at the feet of the ones that lead behind the curtain, yet we're so certain we're the ones in control because "here, we have it all". Carry the torch of liberty; a ticking time-bomb, a fallacy embedded in our dreams. Feed our minds with poison, drain our bodies to satisfy them. We lay in the nest with our mouths wide open; defenseless, freezing in the fucking cold. We will never soar. We are only dust in the hands of our creation, in the hands of our only means of escape.
Track Name: Mentat Projection
Born into human excrement, my surroundings have been built by incontinence. Hatred avowed, I will not love these beings. We must repay the debt with dead flesh. Seven billion carcasses to wipe the slate clean. Mine included.
Track Name: Arrakis Was Created To Train The Faithful
Salivate for your savior. Agents of divinity, control with false humility. You walk with the sheep, with the wolves you sleep. Lay your cross at your feet, kneel and feed on those who don't believe. The hungry serpent's gaining ground. The new black truth destroys the crown. Salvation slips into the cracks of earth. Miserus. Dominus. Ultimum. Spiritus.
Track Name: A Dull Yet Constant Pain
My reflection deceives me. I am not myself nor am I anybody else. No identity; I am the only one who can identify with me. There's no day for me to seize. There's no me for you to save. Yesterdays and todays leave no room for tomorrows. Everything is as it is and it never fucking ends. The more i search, the further I fall. The more I search, purpose escapes.